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Waterfowl Guide Service offers hunters a world class guided waterfowl hunting experience.  We are located near Stuttgart, Arkansas the “Duck Hunting Capital of the World” in the heart of the Grand Prairie & Bayou Meto Wildlife Preservation Areas. 
We offer morning and afternoon guided duck and geese hunts. Our goal is to provide the hunters with a true taste of waterfowl hunting in Arkansas. 

Our morning duck hunts will take place in cypress breaks or flooded fields, wherever the ducks have been working.  We have 11 blind locations, and all are very comfortable.  We transport you to and from the blinds by boat or by ranger as we try to keep the walking to a bare minimum.  Our specklebelly or white fronted goose hunting is great.  We have several thousand acres of dry corn and bean field set up for our speck hunting operation.  We like to use 6 to 10 dozen decoys in our speck spread as well as a few motion decoys to give it the most realistic look we can make.  Specklebelly geese decoy great and it really makes for some good shooting (the Rib-eye in the sky is what they have been nicknamed around here because the are awesome to eat).

Each hunter will be responsible for providing knee boots or waders (preferred) , guns, shells and personal camouflage. If anyone has forgotten or lost equipment upon arrival we can make accommodations to transport hunters to and from Mack’s Prairie Wings Hunting Store in Stuttgart.